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MS Access Solutions is available for Microsoft Access programmer services in all cities in Illinois. We work with all sized companies and industries. We can help you upgrade from older versions of Microsoft Access to the latest version. One of our specialties is upgrading Microsoft Access data to Microsoft SQL Server then use Microsoft Access as the front end user interface. We can also migrate your Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheets, like Google sheets, to Microsoft Access.

MS Access Solutions Services In Illinois

This is a partial list of our Microsoft services

  • Custom Microsoft Access database development
  • Microsoft Access database programmer services
  • Excel to MS Access migration services
  • Microsoft Access database splitting to create front end and back end databases
  • Consulting services
  • Microsoft Access with Azure and SQL Server
  • ASP.NET web applications
  • MS Access with SQL Server database programming

Contact Us For A Consultation

Need help with your Microsoft Access database? Whether you need a brand new database, a database upgrade, Microsoft data in the Cloud, or Microsoft web solutions, we can help you right now! Call us at (312) 625-0829 to discuss your situation and make plans for the proper database or web applicaton solution(s) for you.

About Illinois

French explorers Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet, in 1673, were the first Europeans of record to visit the region. In 1699 French settlers established the first permanent settlement at Cahokia, near present-day East St. Louis. Great Britain obtained the region at the end of the French and Indian Wars in 1763. The area figured prominently in frontier struggles during the Revolutionary War and in Native American wars during the early 19th century.

Significant episodes in the state's early history include the influx of settlers following the opening of the Erie Canal in 1825; the Black Hawk War, which virtually ended the Native American troubles in the area; and the rise of Abraham Lincoln from farm laborer to president.

Today, Illinois stands high in manufacturing, coal mining, agriculture, and oil production. The state's manufactures include food and agricultural products, transportation equipment, chemicals, industrial machinery, and computer equipment. The sprawling Chicago district (including a slice of Indiana) is a great iron and steel producer, meat packer, grain exchange, and railroad center. Chicago is also famous as a Great Lakes port.

Illinois Facts

  • April 1st was officially named "Cheap Trick Day" in Illinois.
  • Nearly 80% of the state's land area is farm land.
  • The first all-color TV station debuted in Chicago (Channel 5).
  • The first farming Tower Silo was created in Spring Grove, Illinois.
  • The world's tallest man was born in Alton, IL. Robert Pershing Wadlow was 8'11", weight 491 lbs and wore a size 37 shoe.
  • Morton, IL is the "pumpkin capital of the world." More than 85% of packaged pumpkin comes from here.
  • The Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago is one of only three major free zoos in the county, and is the nation's oldest public zoo.
  • The term "jazz" was coined in Chicago in 1914 by Benny Goodman and Gene Krupa.
  • There is a fire-breathing dragon in Vandalia, IL known as the Kaskaskia Dragon.
  • Aurora is known as the City of Lights because it was the first U.S. city to use electric street lighting throughout the entire city.
  • Illinois' is home to the world’s only river that flows backward.
  • Illinois' highest point is Charles Mound at 1,235 ft.
  • Illinois generates more nuclear power than any other state.
  • Elzie Crisler Segar, the creator of Popeye the Sailorman cartoon, was born in Chester, Illinois.
  • The Nabisco factory in Chicago is the world's largest bakery in the world at 1,800,000 square feet!
  • The Chicago Post Office at 433 West Van Buren is the only postal facility in the world you can drive a car through.