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Micosoft - The Leader In Database Application Software

Microsoft Corp. continues to lead the database application software field with innovations, updates and new products. The company is making it easier for GitHub users to start using Azure. In the first quarter of this year, although Microsoft's Azure revenue was estimated to be less than half of Amazon’s cloud revenue, Azure SQL has now placed Microsoft at the forefront of cloud application development.

Microsoft has released the Azure SQL Database tool that can handle computing in a "serverless" capacity. This means developers won't need to spend valuable time setting up and managing underlying resources for databases.

For almost two years now Microsoft has worked with partners, including third-party software makers, to sell Azure to companies, benefiting both Microsoft and its partners. The co-sell initiative has led to more than $5 billion in partner annual contract value in the past year.

Microsoft has also expanding the program to Microsoft 365 — a bundle that includes Windows 10, Office 365, and Microsoft Accesss and Enterprise Mobility & Security software and the Dynamics suite of enterprise software, including the cloud-based sales management application that competes with Salesforce's core Sales Cloud.

Microsoft Supports Open Source Software

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in his address to thousands of developers at the Build conference in Seattle May, 2019, made it clear that Microsoft is "open."

That is a new concept and entirely different from the approach that was in place under Nadella's two successors, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. In past years Microsoft competed aggressively against open-source technologies and collected revenue with patent royalties.

Under Nadella, the Azure public cloud has become a higher priority at Microsoft. Correspondingly Microsoft's attitude toward open-source has changed. Software developers might want to use technologies that are not developed by Microsoft in their applications and while building those applications. Microsoft has accepted this reality and has become less headstrong about putting Windows and other proprietary technology first, as long as developers turn to its cloud.

Microsoft even bought GitHub, arguably the most prominent place where people go to download and contribute to open-source software. Microsoft has become one of the top organizations when it comes to posting code on GitHub.

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