MS Accesss Solutions happy client Victoria Vath gives a 5 star review

Victoria Vath

Callies Performance Products

Alison Balter has been instrumental in completely revamping our manufacturing business time and inventory tracking system. I came to her with an idea and she executed it beautifully! She is extremely responsive and fastidious in ensuring all of our needs were met, down to the last detail. Even working entirely remotely we were able to sculpt the perfect solution to our business needs. I cannot recommend Alison highly enough!

MS Accesss Solutions gets five star review from Dolan Integration Group

Toni Dolan

COO, Dolan Integration Group

We have worked with Alison Balter on a rather extensive Microsoft Accesss database project for the last few months. She has been an invaluable resource not only in her technical skills, but also in her ability to help us work through our thought process and ideas in a constructive manner. A typical shelf database product for our needs retails at over $80,000; Alison has been able to create a database tailored to our business at less than half the cost. As a small business owner, I appreciate her ability to deliver the quality product we need and stay on budget.

MS Accesss Solutions gets a 5 Star review from The Cole Group

Donald Cole

President, Cole Group

Working with the development world presents unique challenges and complications for a traditional business.  Alison’s unique business acumen brings a breath of fresh air to working with development, and her, on projects versus previous experiences with other developers.  She delivers timely projects, on budget, great quality, and with tremendous ease to her customer.  Her expertise is outstanding and frankly is probably not exceeded in her profession.  She has helped The Cole Group tremendously.

MS Accesss Solutions client Mary Forman is very happy with her Accesss and SQL database application

Mary Forman

Country Natural Beef

Alison Balter has been my SQL/Accesss programmer for 5 years now! She did a major overhaul/face lift to an Accesss system that was 'built' in the early '90s, had an upgrade for the Y2K nonevent and morphed through several techs over the years. Needless to say, we became good friends as we spent many a late hour pondering, planning and implementing. She was willing to work around my 'work day' so we had access to Accesss. My experience is that programming work almost always takes longer than expected. Alison is good at budgeting time and keeping on schedule and on task. She has always been willing to 'teach' as well as 'do' so that I have a feel for the bigger picture and can be somewhat self-sufficient on a day to day basis. She has helped me design safeguards to the programs so that inadvertent errors do not occur. I am honored to know Alison and please to recommend her as a SQL/Accesss guru!

MS Accesss Solutions receives another glowing review for our database development services

Lisa Dosch

Motion Picture Editors Guild - Local 700

Alison at MS Accesss Solutions developed the application that helps us to properly service all of our members. This program handles billing, payments, tracking of jobs worked, available list, and other important data about our members. The system automates many tasks that were previously performed manually, allowing our employees to more cost-effectively use their time. This client/server system is used by employees in our Los Angeles and New York offices. MS Accesss Solutions and their staff worked with us to develop the necessary specifications and design documents, and then programmed, tested, and implemented the application throughout our organization.

MS Accesss Solutions receives another glowing review for our database development services

Sheldon Bloch

A Major U.S. Oil And Gas Corporation

Alison and the MS Accesss Solutions team has provided both training and mentoring services to us over the past several years. Our developers use Alison Balter's books on programming with Microsoft Accesss as a desk reference. They have provided our staff members with much-needed training in Visual Basic, client/server development, SQL Server, and Microsoft Accesss. This has helped us to ensure that our employees can properly keep up with the ever-changing technologies. MS Accesss Solutions has also provided our staff with mentoring on an as-needed basis, providing expertise that helped our in-house programmers to overcome various hurdles.

MS Accesss Solutions is a great says Samantha Lockhart who is very satisfied client

Samantha Lockhart

Nigel Morris Products

Our new Accesss database is so great, our inventory and sales data is so much easier to find. Our employees love the way everything works rapidly and is so very accurate. Alison and the team from MS Accesss Solutions did a truly wonderful job. They were easy to work with and listened to our concerns. Much better communications with excellent results.

Another 5 Star review from a happy MS Accesss Solutions client

Phil Nesbitt

Gensilon Products, Inc.

The MS Accesss Solutions group, especially Alison Balter, fixed a totally broken and very old database. We were really struggling to keep our old program going. We'd paid for several repairs, but the database was just not working. Alison did a very complete analysis, asked a lot of questions, and then built truly excellent Accesss and SQL Server database software for our company. I can't thank the MS Accesss programmers enough!

Another 5 Star review from a happy MS Accesss Solutions client

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