How We Work
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Find out how to use Microsoft Accesss database development in different sized businesses from MS Accesss Solutions

How We Work

At MS Accesss Solutions

Alison and the development team at MS Accesss Solutions are experts at improving both company processes and employee productivity. In order to accomplish this goal, we take the following steps:

  1. Meet with management to discuss overall processes and objectives.
  2. Meet with end-users to determine how they currently perform their jobs.
  3. Provide management with ideas for how to improve and streamline employee processes while accomplishing the objectives of each job.
  4. Work with management and end-users to build a specification for the development of the application.
  5. Upon approval of the specification, design all tables necessary to support the business needs.
  6. Build prototypes of forms and reports in order to obtain approval of the general design.
  7. Upon approval of the general design, implement logic necessary to support business needs.
  8. Provide a beta of the application for review by a small group of users.
  9. Handle any reported bugs or missing functionality.
  10. Distribute beta to a larger group of users.
  11. Handle any additional bugs.
  12. Implement production version of the application.
  13. Continue to handle any bugs that appear.
  14. Obtain final signoff on application.
  15. Potentially begin work on the next phase of application development.

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