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With over 25 year of experience in the database business, MS Access Experts provides high quality professional data services including data scrubbing. When your data is corrupt, incorrect, or incomplete we can help restore and improve your data and database system. If you are business in Portland Oregon, we can provide a full range of database design, development, implementation, migration, upgrade, troubleshooting and repair.

What Is Data Scrubbing?

Data scrubbing refers to the procedure of removing or modifying incorrect, inaccurate, repetitious, or incorrectly formmated data within a database. All electronic databases are subject to a variety of errors and Microsoft Access is no exception. The primary purpose for data scrubbing is to create a database that containd consistent and accurate data in the database, making it more useable and meaningful.

Data scrubbing is concidered a critical stragety for databasese to ensure that they continue to be accurate and function properly. Data scrubbing is an important process for all data sensitive business industries, such as banking, insurance, retail business, and telecommunications. The process of data scrubbing employs the systmatic evaluation of data in a database for mistakes utilizing rules, algorithms, and look-up tables.

We scrub your data and restore your database to a highly productive state with our data scrubbing software (sometimes called data cleansing) techniques. We also provide data normalization, migration, transformation, USPS address cleaning and verification, NCOA address correction processing to keep your data current, and state-of-the-art duplicate record removal.

We Fix And Improve Your Database

Our team will also standardize your data and reformat it, take care of genderizing, casing, custom coding, or augment your database with new data fields. From data migration to data scrubbing and data enhancement to providing a custom selected mailing list to build on; whatever your data service needs, MS Access Experts is your data scrubbing company in Portland Oregon. Need help now? Call (503)610-8947.

Customer Service

Our goal is to provide you with optimum professional service for your database system. We want to make certain you experience 5 Star customer satisfaction with our service.

Experienced And Professional

Our team of experienced database professionals have over 50 years combined experience working with a variety of database software programs. Our owner and principal programmer is Alison Balter, author of 15 database programming books and hundreds of video tutorials. Alison Balter is a recognized database expert within the industry.

Custom Database Programming

We are a leading custom database programming company with clients throughout the U.S., Canada, and foreign countries. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your data and database issues with us with No Obligation and at No Charge for your initial consultation.

Testimonials From Our Data Scrubbing Clients

"My company was really struggling with a poorly designed database that produced incomplete and, quite often, erroneous data. We started working with the MS Access Experts company and Alison Balter four years ago and her company has significantly improved the quality of our data. Alison's considerable technical skills are superior and she knows what we need to prevent further issues without much input from us. Once she located the problems with our data she provided us with a full report that was understandable and clearly pointed out that we needed data scrubbing services. Our experience with MS Access Experts has been excellent. Alsion and her team are very responsive, highly skilled, and have excellent communication skills. I highly recommend." Candice Rowder

"A quick note to anyone interested in using MS Access Experts data services. Our Portland, Oregon, company has been working with MS Access Experts for three years with great results. The pricing is quite reasonable considering the massive amount of work they perform. Alison is very friendly and takes the time to explain what needs to be done to get top results. Database and data scrubbing can be tedious, but Alison is very patient and finds the problems and creates solutions. Our original database was badly corrupted and Alison repaired it, then augmented it with new code to prevent further problems. We've found that the MS Access Experts company provided services that far exceed previous database vendors that we used in the past. You simply cannot go wrong using the MS Access Experts team for your data scrubbing project." Patrick Lovell

"MS Access Experts has been helping us maintain our client database for the last seven years with much success. Their database program provides us with the ability to find data rapidly for a number of business uses. The services has been excellent, with rapid delivery times and communications whenever we contact them. Once MS Access Experts performed a data scrubbing on the data in our database our direct mail campaigns became highly successful resulting in improved sales. MS Access Experts an important part of our company team." Chris Trigg

When you need professional data scrubbing or data repair services, call (503)610-8947.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Why Should I Choose MS Access Experts?

Data scrubbing Portland Oregon from MS Access Experts

MS Access Experts is the Portland, Oregon, division of MS Access Solutions. In the past 25 years we've designed, developed and implemented thousands of database applications. For many of our clients, we perform data scrubbing for their reporting, or mailing lists. We perform data scrubbing, de-duping, and data migration and upgrade services for databases and mailing lists. MS Access Experts has the expertise, experience, and skills to professionally manage your database needs.

We can thoroughly clean your database with using our highly technical data scrubbing techniques. We also provide transformation and augmentation, data normalization, NCOA address correction, and USPS address cleaning and verification. We will upgrade your data storage to maintain correct data to provide current lists and remove or block duplicate records. We can also provide custom database code, casing, and genderizing. All our services, including data scrubbing, data migrations and data augmentation and enhancement and mailing list customization will truly create a robust and accurate database. Call us today to get started with your data project.

How Can I Get The Right Information From My Data?

Corrupted data, incorrect data, and missing data are the three main issues when it comes to incorrect information from data. Often, a business database will provide basic information, such as customer names, phone numbers, and address, but even that information can be damaged or incomplete. Data systems that you use for your business should provide information to help you manage your list, whether customers or inventory or personnel management.

We can help you by first analyzing your data. We then make recommendations on data scrubbing, data cleansing, and data cleaning. We also work with you to find out how we can enhance your data with new information that will be useful for running your business or reaching out to customer or prospect lists. By designing and developing a quality database, your data will provide you with the right information.

My Business Database Is Old, Can You Help Fix It?

Often data within databases become outdated. People move to different addresses, making your database data obsolete. National figures indicate that 15% to 20% for all people in the United States change addresses each year. If you use outdated data to create and send a mailing, approximately 15% to 20% will not be delivered. We recommend using the National Change of Address (NCOA) system for updating an address list. You can also use the Address Change Service (ACS) for updating your data periodically.

Is It Possible To Automate And Standardize My Database For Routine Business Processes?

We can automate typical standard business activities and operations. We work with a wide variety of data storage software, like SQL Server and Oracle. One of our specialties is developing custom database that will contain automated features and keep your data stored properly.

If you need to speak with us immediately call us at (503)610-8947. You can also Our goal is to provide you with quality service, so please contact us so we can start helping you right away.

Get The Experienced Professional Data Services

Our data services team has over 25 years experience developing, repairing, and data scrubbing databases for business clients. We can perform a data scrubbing for most databases and provide you with the data you need. If necessary, we can design, program, and develop a new database for with all the necessary features to prevent data corruptions so can manipulate your data to get the information you need for critical business decisions and every day activities. Find more about our: Portland Oregon data scrubbing company.

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We tend to think that data scrubbing, data cleaning, and data cleansing are identical or synonyms. However, there are differences. When we work to correct your data, we employ all methods that will remove errors and provide your business with quality data.

Data scrubbing is an error correction technique that uses a background task to periodically inspect main memory or storage for errors, then corrects detected errors using redundant data in the form of different checksums or copies of data. Data scrubbing reduces the likelihood that single correctable errors will accumulate, leading to reduced risks of uncorrectable errors.

Data integrity is a high-priority concern in writing, reading, storage, transmission, or processing of the computer data in computer operating systems and in computer storage and data transmission systems. However, only a few of the currently existing and used file systems provide sufficient protection against data corruption.

To address this issue, data scrubbing provides routine checks of all inconsistencies in data and, in general, prevention of hardware or software failure. This "scrubbing" feature occurs commonly in memory, disk arrays, file systems, or FPGAs as a mechanism of error detection and correction.

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When you need a Microsoft Access programmer for your Portland Oregon business, phone contact the MS Access Experts. We have over 25 years experience in Microsoft Access programmer solutions. We create Access database applications for all sectors, consisting of hospitals, government companies, the U.S. military, universities, agriculture, workers services, and insurance provider. We can take care of the most advanced as well as complicated Access and also SQL Server database programming for your business as well as smaller projects, like fixing damaged Access database forms, MS Access reports, Access macros, and VBA code. Plus, when your data is broken or corrputed, we'll use our Data Scrubbing skills to fix your data.