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Why Database Programmers Prefer MS Access

Comparing Excel and Microsoft Access As A Database Application

Microsoft Excel spreadsheet application is fine for calculating and managing small packages of data information. MS Excel is easy to to use, has excellent documentation, and is relatively easy to understand. With Excel, users can filter, sort, plus format spreadsheet data easily and rapidly. However, spreadsheets are not the best solution for manipulating hundreds, thousands or millions of data records when programming an mission critical files for a contact, client, or your department supervisor. Microsoft Excel is prone to errors when used as a database application spreadsheet, making summing, reporting and analysis very challenging, if not completely impossible.

Microsoft Access is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), that provides you with the ability to use a data storage system for your business data as information for reporting, analysis, and reference use. Microsoft Access also goes beyond the limitations experienced when using Excel, or any other spreadsheet application, to manage and manipulate large amounts of data and to use that data as information output. An experienced and skillful Microsoft Access programmer can create an Access database that is far more powerful than Excel.

Why Use Microsoft Access For Database Programming?

    • Microsoft Access, is the most popular desktop database system in the world with over fourteen million installations. MS Access is now is available within Microsoft’s Office Professional suite of business applications. No additional database software is necessary if you are using Office Pro or Office 365 Pro. Microsoft Access has an added feature: It integrates well with all the major Microsoft Office products, including Outlook, MS Word, and Microsoft Excel.


    • Microsoft Access can be used to design, and program very applications that are user friendly by utilizing the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming language.


    • Access is far less expensive to purchase, use, and maintain when compared to the much larger database applications like SQL Server. Because MS Access is such an excellent rapid application development environment, programmers can create finished applications much faster than in Access than other database application programs.


    • When designed correctly, Access databases can be migrated to SQL Server. This is an excellent feature because you can build a working database for your company then migrate it to SQL Server when the database grows to a point where it needs a larger management system for your data storage database.


    • Microsoft Access comes with excellent built in support plus there is support directly from Microsoft as well as a large community of Access developers who can provide valuable assistance if need. Access has more support and programmers than any other desktop database system.


    • Access has built in capacity for upgrading to other data storage systems. If you find that the performance of your database is diminishing, your database should be migrated to SQL Server. In fact, at MS Access Solutions, we develop all Access database applications using Access as the “front end” with forms, queries, VBA, and reports, while using SQL Server as the data storage system.


    Whether you’re a small-business owner, large corporation, government agency, hospital, university, you can rely on MS Access Solutions to create, develop, repair, up-size, or migrate your Microsoft Access data, or convert your Excel spreadsheet to Access. Your business data is too important to use amateur or beginners for your database development and Access programmer services.

    MS Access Solutions Provide Full Access Programmer Service

    Here are just some of the Microsoft Access Services we provide

    • Design and program Access databases
    • Create and manipulate Access table data
    • Create Queries to Locate Specific data
    • Program Access forms for smooth data entry
    • Report development from simple to the complex
    • Automate routine activities using Visual Basic For Applications (VBA)
    • Convert Excel and other spreadsheet programs into Access
    • Upsize Access to larger data storage applications, like SQL Server
    • Repair broken Access database
    • Convert older versions of Access to the latest version


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