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Microsoft Access

MS Access is a highly flexible, robust, and reliable database program. Microsoft Access is the leading relational database management system in the world. MS Access Solutions is your expert Microsoft Access programmer for Tucson, Arizona.

SQL Server

SQL Server is an enterprise relational database management system from Microsoft. We use SQL Server as the database server for data storage and data retrieval to and from Microsoft Access as well as other software applications, like ASP.NET and Azure.


Microsoft's application framework for web development produces dynamic web pages. ASP.NET provides web programmers with a platform for building dynamic web sites, web applications (web apps), and web services that require a web solution.

Microsoft Azure

MS Azure is Microsoft's cloud computing service. It is used for development, testing and deployment as well as managing software applications through a global network data centers managed by Microsoft. Azure now features SQL Server called Azure SQL.

We Are Your Microsoft Access Database Experts

The Best Microsoft Access Database Solutions owner, consultant, and principal programmer is Alison Balter - a recognized expert Microsoft Access consultant and some say the best Microsoft Access programmer in the world. Alison is the author of 15 Microsoft Access training books and videos. She is a frequent guest speaker at MS Access conferences and has developed hundreds of applications for businesses of all types.

We know your business data is important; we listen to your concerns, ask questions, and gather information from all stake holders. We discuss your needs and requirements for your database. We find out what you want, why you need various features so we can obtain as much information as possible. Once we have the information we need, we work with you to design the proper database architecture, plus the dashboards, the questions (queries), forms, and reports you need for an excellent database system.

Microsoft Access developer and MS Access development company Tucson, AZ

Microsoft Applications For You

Your data is important to your business and you need both to enter and retrieve data rapidly. The data stored in your company's database must be clean, secure, and allow for maximum usage. Our Microsoft Access developer team will create your Microsoft Access database for optimum efficiency with all the features you need. After we program your MS Access and SQL Server database you will have the capacity to manipulate your data so you get the information you need for every day activities and for making critical business decisions.

We also create websites designed for speed to display your data accurately, using ASP.NET technology. Fast, secure, and robust, our ASP.NET web sites and web applications give you true business tool for finding and displaying information dynamically on the web.

Microsoft Access Programmer Example Projects

Corporate Database

Microsoft Access front-end and SQL Server back-end database

Access Forms Development

Access data entry form connecting to SQL Server back-end database

Accounting Company

ASP.NET website with SQL Server back-end database

Corporate Reports

MS Access Report created with SQL Server database

Client Comments About Our Work

Best Microsoft Access database developer services in Tucson from MS Access Solutions

Sheldon Bloch, Oil and Gas Company

Alison from MS Access Solutions has provided both training and mentoring services to us over the past several years. Our developers use Alison Balter's books on programming with Microsoft Access as a desk reference. They have provided our staff members with much-needed training in Visual Basic, client/server development, SQL Server, and Microsoft Access. This has helped us to ensure that our employees can properly keep up with the ever-changing technologies. MS Access Solutions has also provided our staff with mentoring on an as-needed basis, providing expertise that helped our in-house programmers to overcome various hurdles. More Reviews
MS Access Solutions client who is very happy with our Microsoft Access programmer services

Lisa Dosch, Motion Picture Editors Guild - Local 700

Alison Balter at MS Access Solutions developed the application that helps us to properly service all of our members. This program handles billing, payments, tracking of jobs worked, available list, and other important data about our members. The system automates many tasks that were previously performed manually, allowing our employees to more cost-effectively use their time. This client/server system is used by employees in our Tucson and New York offices. MS Access Solutions and their staff worked with us to develop the necessary specifications and design documents, and then programmed, tested, and implemented the application throughout our organization. More Reviews

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When you need a truly expert Microsoft Access database development company to design and develop your mission critical custom database - Contact MS Access Solutions.
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Microsoft Access - More

Microsoft Partners With University Of Arizona In Tucson, AZ

Note: Need a Microsoft Access programmer in Tucson AZ? MS Access Solutions has the experience and skills to develop your Access database. Contact us when you need the best Microsoft Access Programmer in Tucson, Arizona. We also provide the best Microsoft Access programmer in Tempe Arizona.

As Microsoft Access programmers serving businesses and organizations in Tucson AZ, we at MS Access Solutions sometimes get caught up in the code intensive environment of the database developer. Whether we are performing Microsoft Access consulting, or MS Access development, or some other technology intensive task like converting MS Access to an Access front end and SQL Server database storage; we tend to work within a very narrow focus. The following information, from Microsoft and the U of Arizona, in Tucson, AZ demonstrates that Microsoft is a very large and unique company with a great deal of interest in technology innovation.

The University of Arizona and Microsoft Corp. are partnering on a new cloud-computing research center to study issues like how to make power-hungry computer data centers more efficient and sustainable. The UA's Cloud Infrastructure Renewal Center will foster research on new data-center technologies, boost workforce development for data centers and cloud computing, and help faculty, UA optics professor Robert Norwood said as he announced the cloud partnership Wednesday at the TenWest Festival.

Cloud computing — essentially the practice of storing and managing computer data on remote servers linked to the internet, rather than using on-site computer servers — is growing exponentially as online storage and software demands more data storage. But the massive data centers operated by Microsoft and other tech companies face huge challenges in scaling up cloud capacity, including managing energy use and space, and training enough engineers and technicians to design and run them.

"We're trying to solve the problem of scaling the cloud, essentially enabling more people to easily access their information, and doing that in a way that is sustainable," said Norwood, a professor in the UA College of Optical Sciences who is spearheading the effort. . . .

. . . Microsoft has invested more than $15 billion in one of the world’s biggest cloud-computing networks, with 54 data centers serving 140 countries, said Christian Belady, general manager of cloud infrastructure strategy and architecture in Seattle. Belady said the company has installed 1.26 gigawatts of renewable energy to power its data centers and has a goal of using 100 percent renewable energy while minimizing water use.

From an article in the News

Microsoft has always been forward thinking when it comes to environmental issues. The Personal Computers from IBM were the first to use Microsoft operating systems and they were burning electricity rapidly. In fact the castings on the first group of PCs on the market would become warm from the heat generated by the computer. Microsoft and IBM soon corrected the problem with greater cooling capacity from the fans. Also, the first Personal Computers had very little power. In fact, the very first version of Microsoft Access would not run on the first Personal Computers - thankfully computers had evolved so Microsoft Access was able to run properly. It was not until internal hard drives were installed in the PCs that software like Microsoft Access had enough memory and computer power to operate successfully.

Cloud computing saves time, money and natural resources by saving electricity. We think Microsoft is on the right track by promoting the best possible methosds for using less electricity and still improving computing efficiency.

Microsoft in the Cloud is always a potential solution for your database requirements. At MS Access Solutions, we can help you make the right decision about your Microsoft Access database programming, development and deployment.

Microsoft Access Programmer

Tucson Arizona Access Programmer For Hire

Are you seeking a Microsoft Access programmer for your new database but not certain how to get what you really need? Companies, like yours often require a custom Microsoft Access database to realize the full functionality for their important business data. At MS Access Solutions we help you design and the proper database requirements, then we will develop the database to do the job for you. At MS Access Solutions we can program a new database for you and, if needed, convert or migrate Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into your Access database with our conversion programming services. If you need a professional and experienced Access database programmer, contact us at (323) 285-0939 for a free consultation, so we can get started working with you to develop the best database application for your business.

Microsoft Access Programmer

Hire The Best Microsoft Access Programmer in Tucson, AZ

MS Access Solutions company specializes in Microsoft Access programmer services and Microsoft Access development. We first started programming with MS Access when it was first released to the market in 1992 with Version 1.0. in Our programmers extensive experience in all the phases of MS Access database development including:

  • Tables
  • Queries
  • Forms
  • Reports
  • Visual Basic for Applications(VBA)
  • Importing and Exporting Data
  • Merging Data To and From Microsoft Word
  • Linking To SQL Server Data
  • Data Migration
  • MS Access Version Conversion Upgrade

Microsoft Access Version Upgrades

We can convert your Tucson business' old Access database to the latest version. We work with all the previous versions of Microsoft Access, including versions 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, and older. We will convert your older Access database into a robust, fast performing and User Friendly database program using the newest verions of Microsoft Access. Call us at (323) 285-0939 to discuss your Tuson, AZ company's database project.

Microsoft Access Now Supports dBASE

Microsoft Access now contains dBASE file support (.dbf) in the Access for Office 365 and desktop versions. This functionality was removed, some say by accident, and has now been restored by popular demand from the developer community.

According to Microsoft, subscribers of Microsoft Access 2016 for Office 365 had immediate use of this update. By adding this feature into Access, users can import or link to data stored in dBASE databases using the MS Access software. Microsoft later added the dBASE connectivity to Office Insider members and then commercial Office 365 subscribers and consumers.

The return of dBASE connectivity feature to MS Access is largely due to the develper community and that would include the programmers here at MS Access Solutions. We were among the several developers and Microsoft Access consultants who voiced our request to reinstall the dBASE feaute back into MS Access.

In 2015, one consultant wrote to the Access User Voice blog.

Access has always been about connecting to other data sources. Excel can still connect to dBASE files, but support for Access to connect was dropped. You can see from all the chatter, that there really is a lot of people that still use dBASE files for data transfer.
- Jack Stockton.

Jack, we definitely agreed with you when you wrote your comments and we are very pleased that Microsoft restored this functionality to Microsoft Access.

Access 2013 LiveLessons From Alison Balter,
MS Access Solutions and Best Database Solutions

Explore the most popular and some of the lesser known features of Access 2013 – Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports, Macros, and much more with Alison Balter as your guide!

  • Start-to-finish personal training on Access 2013: just watch and learn!
  • Simple, quick video walkthroughs of the tasks you perform most often!
  • Great personalized training at a fraction of the cost for everyone who doesn't have time to read a book!

These video lessons will ensure that you can harness the power of Access faster and more easily than ever before! In 13 thorough parts, Access 2013 LiveLessons shows you how to increase add finesse and polish to your presentations so they look like the pros. xpert Alison Balter simplifies powerful features and tools including Tables, Forms, reports, Queries, Macros, and much more! Truly arness the power built into Microsoft Access! Just watch: You’ll master high-powered skills at your own pace–and get specific answers and solutions immediately, whenever you need them! For anyone who wants to master Microsoft Access 2013 fast!

About Alison Balter Microsoft Access Expert

Alison Balter is the president of Best Database Solutions and partners with MS Access Solutions, a computer consulting firm based with services locations throughout the U.S. including Tucson, Arizona. Alison is a highly experienced independent trainer and consultant specializing in Windows applications training and development. During her 29 years in the computer industry, she has trained and consulted with many corporations and government agencies. Since Alison founded her first programming company in in 1990, her client list has expanded to include major corporations and government agencies such as Cisco, Shell Oil, Accenture, AIG Insurance, Northrop, the Drug Enforcement Administration, Prudential Insurance, Transamerica Insurance, Fox Broadcasting, the United States Navy, University of Southern California, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and others.

From O'Reilly Safari

Alison Balter - More

Expert Access Programmer + Microsoft Consultant

Alison Balter continues to teach Microsoft Access, but only for her consulting clients, who receive her special brand of one to one, project specific training. As our Primary Programmer and Consultant, Alison is one of the best Microosft Access programmer and educator in the world. Alison maintains a thriving company as a database consultant because she listens to her clientele before coding. At MS Access Solutions, we always place our client needs first. When we design and develop your Microsoft solution software application, we make certain if fits your needs and your requirements.