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What Is ASP.NET?

ASP.NET is an abbreviation for Active Server Pages .NET and is a software application from Microsoft. ASP.NET is a powerful program used by developers to create web pages and other web applications and is a major application within the Microsoft .NET framework. ASP.NET is an excellent tool for software programmers because it provides features for developing dynamic web sites and web applications. The ASP.NET software uses the popular programming languages, C# and Visual Basic (VB), to create web sites and applications.

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ASP.NET and Visual Studio

ASP.NET provides developers with a very powerful development tool, Visual Studio, which is also a Microsoft product. Visual Studio is a design program that we use for writing ASP.NET code. ASP.NET is a server side technology, which means it operates on a server computer and cannot be run (executed) directly on your desktop of mobile phone. ASP.NET is developed on what is known as a common language runtime that is used on Windows servers, specifically used for hosting websites and other applications created using ASP.NET.

Why Use ASP.NET?

When the Internet became widely available in the mid 1990's, web pages were typically static - that is they had text and images but could not be changed or updated when viewed in a browser. As a result, the static web pages required manual modification for users to see more information. This created a need for web pages that would be "dynamic", using technology that could update web page automatically.

Microsoft entered the dynamic web page development market with Active Server Pages (ASP) and in 2002 upgraded the program to ASP.NET. ASP, and ASP.NET require server technology, which means the code is run on a special computer called a server. The output of the code is then forwarded to the Internet user's web browser, like Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox. This provides a dynamic web page generated on the server, depending upon the user's actions. As a result, users have more control over the output of the web pages. Many popular shopping sites use ASP.NET technology including and, because ASP.NET is very powerful and provides fast web pages.

What Are The Advantages of ASP.NET?

The following points are a bit technical, however, they provide important reasons for using ASP.NET.

Here are just some of the advantages ASP.NET provides:

  • Faster more consistent performance because it uses early binding code, native optimization, caching, and just-in-time compilation.
  • The ASP.NET framework contains a extensive toolbox and designer inside the Microsoft Visual Studio development environment (IDE).
  • ASP.NET processes are monitored & managed with ASP.NET runtime; a process that does not run will be replaced immediately.
  • ASP.NET requires less code for developing applications.
  • Applications are safe and secured via built-in Windows authentication and application configuration.
  • ASP.NET applications create ease of use for common tasks, including client authentication, form submission, site configuration, and deployment.
  • The source code for ASP.NET pages contains the HTML making programs easier to develop and maintain.
  • ASP.NET source code is executed (runs) on the server computer, creating powerful, yet flexibile web pages.
  • ASP.NET is totally server-side technology executing the program code server computer prior to sending it to a browser.
  • Because ASP.NET is independent of any programming language, like C#, VB, etc, developers and application owners can select the best language for their application.
  • Deployment is easy with ASP.NET applications. You do not register components individually since all configuration information part of the program.
  • By using a web server there is continuous monitoring for all web pages, plus any other applications or componentson the server.
  • ASP.NET works with the new open source Entity Framework so programmers can create code focused on data using objects and not on the underlying database tables.

Web Applications

ASP.NET has been available for several years and is a mature programming framework that we use at MS Access Solutions to develop enterprise web sites, plus web applications, and and other web related technologies. At MS Access Solutions, we understand great web application development. Whether you need to enhance or fix your existing web application, or if you are seeking consultants who can design and develop a whole new custom web application, you’ve come to the right place – let us know what you need!

We Are Your ASP.NET Dev Team

Have you lost your website programmer; perhaps they moved to a different department or company? Many of our clients contact us because they need a web development company that is professional, with a team of experienced web developers. Frequently, our clients' current web programmer doesn't have all the skills or the experience to develop the necessary web application. As a result our clients hire us to re-develop a web application or perform support and/or upgrades. MS Access Solutions is the experienced professional company you need to design and create the programming code plus documentation for your website or web application.

We Understand Business

We provide services for organizations of all sizes from small business, medium sized companies, as well as major corporations. We have experience working with several industries. Our clients have specific needs, but in general they all need a custom web application that is a cost effective solution, practical for their every day use, well documented and supported for efficiency, and scalable for future upgrades.

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